"The best way to predict the future is to create it". -Abraham Lincoln

The products and resources below are some of our favorites.

Vimergy is a great company to buy clean vitamins and tinctures online.

EWG Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing credible information on the toxicity of our food supply. Check out their “dirty dozen” and the “clean fifteen”. Knowledge is power.

Forks over Knives is a great place for recipes and information

Grounding products to stay connected to the earth at home. Sleeping grounded has been a tremendous benefit to staying healthy.

In the Algarve of Portugal there is a Vegan Social Group that is near and dear to our hearts. Worth a join, even if you’re just curious about a plant-based lifestyle and willing to enjoy a delicious vegan meal. The Facebook site run by Lorna and a small group of passionate Vegans is full of events, resources and amazing people. We eat at Vegan Friendly Restaurants, host Pot Lucks, have POP-Up gourmet lunch/dinners and all things fun. A great way to meet new friends and socialize if your planning to visit the Algarve.