• Gut Health With Kale University
    One of the best ways to keep your digestive track thriving and staying healthy is to kindly shift to more plant based recipes. Celery is miraculous. We at KALE U. have maintained great digestion health with Celery Juice. We can’t recommend it enough for so many reasons. The following is based on Anthony William’s health… Read more: Gut Health With Kale University
  • The Power of Atlantic Sea Vegetables
    One of the most effective ways to remove heavy metals Sea vegetables (that is, seaweeds) from the Atlantic Ocean are extremely powerful at ridding the body of toxic heavy metals. One of the reasons certain heavy metals are so damaging to our bodies is that they’re neuro-antagonists, which means they disrupt and diffuse electrical nerve… Read more: The Power of Atlantic Sea Vegetables
  • Virus Protocol
    A protocol that works Dear friends, It is important to stay healthy and take precautions in this challenging time. I have included some important information from Anthony William on foods we can avoid and reduce because they can feed pathogens (including viruses). He also includes foods to protect and even counteract pathogens. Mario and I… Read more: Virus Protocol