The Power of Atlantic Sea Vegetables

One of the most effective ways to remove heavy metals

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Sea vegetables (that is, seaweeds) from the Atlantic Ocean are extremely powerful at ridding the body of toxic heavy metals. One of the reasons certain heavy metals are so damaging to our bodies is that they’re neuro-antagonists, which means they disrupt and diffuse electrical nerve impulses and cause nerves themselves to deteriorate. In the process, neurotransmitters burn out and blow out as if they were lightbulbs—which can result in anxiety and depression.

In the ocean, the sea vegetable’s job is to absorb toxic heavy metals, radiation, and other toxins, and render them harmless. When dulse, bladderwrack, kelp, alaria, sea lettuce, laver, Irish moss or rockweed encounter poisons in the seawater, they continuously sponge them up, deactivate their destructive frequency, then release them back into the ocean, where the onetime pollutants can no longer cause additional harm because the seaweed has rendered them inactive.

When we consume sea vegetables, they have a miraculous sponge-like ability to work for us. They hold onto the toxins and safely remove them from the body.