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This downloadable video was recorded at a raw potluck in La Mesa, California during the summer of 2012.
Amy’s story is one of the most grounding and interesting we have heard.

The following was taken from an article written by Amy Schrift. It describes a little about her decision to leave the big city of New York for the jungles of Costa Rica.

The following story is dedicated to all who yearn to break free from the “mold” and discover a lifestyle that is more in har- mony with our natural rhythms, Mother Earth and our higher calling. Ultimately, each of us must “live into existence” the changes we want to see, one empowering step at a time…

What inspired a dedicated New York City jazz trumpeter and music teacher to put her horn in its case and set up a home- stead in the rugged jungles of Costa Rica? Perhaps it was the chain-reaction of events after I decided, feeling unwell one evening after eating typical restaurant fare during a gig, that I would switch to a healthy simple diet of foods from nature in their unprocessed and uncooked state. I had read a few articles on living foods and attended a local raw food support group.

I felt deep within that this was my path, and I haven’t looked back since.

As my body began to cleanse and purify, so did my thoughts. I soon began to max out my New York City library card on books about spirituality, nature, permaculture, gardening, etc. I began the practice of sun-gazing at sunrise or sunset with bare feet on the earth, and looked deep into a light I hadn’t seen before. I then took a natural vision course and let go of twenty-five years of corrective lenses by “embracing the blur” and allowing my natural vision to determine what I did and didn’t need to see.

If you were inspired by this interview we hope you will consider donating to the Diamante Library in Costa Rica who depends on private donations to remain in operation!!

Below is info about the library and how to donate ~gracias!
The Diamante Library of the town of La Florida in southern pacific Costa Rica was founded in 2007 in an effort to create the first library in the region.  The land was donated by the town’s education committee and private donations were sought after to pay for the materials and construction. The library opened in 2010 and includes a bilingual book collection in English and Spanish, a computer/internet center with donated computers as well as provides a space for classes and events. Two young adults who have been trained from the village serve as our librarians and the community helps keep the grounds clean. Currently open 2 days a week, the library is popular with  students of the local elementary schools who enjoy checking out books and perusing the collection.

Although fundraisers are occasionally held for the library, we have very limited income and  monthly operating costs run from $50-75 per month.

We welcome donations in the form of cash, working laptops or books in english or spanish. If you can send the laptops to Denver CO, we can get them here! We would also like to have 12 donors who will send $50 a year in honor of their birthday month and in return the students will send you a hand made birthday card from Costa Rica! Please send your donation in advance and write to us at with your name, address and birth date or to request shipping information.

Tax deductible donations can be made at under the heading Diamante Library in Costa Rica.

We hope you will come and visit our library located in a lovely mountain village overlooking the ocean – many thanks for your support!!


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