KALE University and Earthing Center present

Vegan Retreat Week

October 15th to October 22nd 2017
Location: Kale House in La Mesa, CA.

To reserve your spot at the retreat, please fill out the Booking Form

For any questions you might have call: 619-315-6313

This retreat is designed to pick up where detox cleansing programs leave off.

An educational healthy retreat focused on empowering the participants through hands-on healthy delicious food classes, fun entertainment, daily exercises and a week of life changing real life practices to seamlessly make returning home a joyful and easy extension of what is learned. Our program follows an 80% raw and 20% cooked (all organic) menu.

We are not a medical organization, we are an educational organization, so we require each participant to have a basic knowledge of a healthy lifestyle to get the most out of this experience.

If you have major medical concerns, your physician should approve your participation. 


 The weekly price includes:

  • Room with Bathroom (inquire about private or shared)
  • All organic, in season meals 
  • Copies of all recipes
  • Daily Food Prep Classes and food shopping
  • Educational Media Events which include TED Talks, Discussions and Latest Documentaries
  • Entertainment, Vegan Potluck with the community invited
  • Exercise, walks and guided meditations
  • Dedicated Professional Health Teachers
  • Daily PEMF Mat Treatments and unlimited grounded Zero Gravity Chair with back Massage and heating system
  • Grounded Beds for deep healing nights of sleep
  • Take home follow-up information to continue a healthy lifestyle
  • Unlimited Hypergravity Therapy and lymphatic rebounding

Optional Services include: (Advanced reservations required)

  • Full Body Massages
  • PEMF Pain and Inflammation Treatments (1 Hour sessions)
  • Chiropractic Treatments
  • Acupuncture Treatment
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Colon Therapy Sessions

Sample Menu items and hands-on will include:

  • Organizing your kitchen
  • Infusing your loving energy into the food

  • Raw Pad Thai with spiralized veggie noodles
  • Bloomed Wild Rice Salad
  • Zero Glycemic Desserts
  • Seed and Nut Cheeses
  • Making Sauerkraut and Pineapple Rejuvelac
  • Amazing raw and cooked soups
  • Easy oil-less Dressings and Sauces
  • Onion Bread, and Wraps
  • Coconut Jerky, ceviche, noodles and Nori Rolls
  • Sprouting and sprouted salads
  • Root Veggie Salads and spiralizing
  • Sweating onions, garlic and spinach
  • Morning Smoothies
  • Buckwheaties and raw rolled oats

Sample Classes:

  • Visualization techniques
  • Sleeping deeper techniques
  • Advanced Tapping and Energy Tools
  • Fun as the key to success
  • Herbs, Teas and medicinal plants
  • Ways to naturally reduce inflammation
  • Creative ways to make this lifestyle work at home
  • Dehydrating Coconut Jerky and Making Yogurt

Classes will always integrate Mind, Body and Spirit and the synergy that flows throughout.


$1,480.00 Per Single Guest (includes single occupancy room)

$2,450.00 Per Couple sharing a Queen or King Bed w/bath. ($510 savings)

$900.00 Per Commuter Guest : includes all below except room

To reserve your spot at the retreat, please fill out the Booking Form