Meet the Kale University Team

Kale University is the result of a beautiful friendship between four friends who met because of their love of raw vegan food. They since discovered they love eating, learning, sharing, laughing and hosting events together. It was only a matter of time before they were inspired to collaborate and driven to put their time and talents to use where their passion lies – healthy, holistic, happy living.

San Diego

ken dorr

Ken Dorr

Ken is an amazing raw food chef, web developer, fine artist, photography expert, and is the creator and host of several popular meetup groups. His coaching in the kitchen and his public speaking appearances are equally high in demand. See Ken’s posts.

Mario Marchiaro

Mario Marchiaro

Mario is a world-famous stage performer, professional dancer, make-up artist, fine artist, video producer/editor and fitness enthusiast. Mario is KU’s first international student, originally hailing from the northern region of Italy. See Mario’s posts.


suzanne turner

Suzanne Turner

Suzanne is the creator and editor of several websites including ParadoxPath, DelysiaStyle.  She is thrilled to bring her talent for online publishing and her passion for vegan health and fitness together at Kale University. See Suzanne’s posts.

Joel Turner Kale University

Joel Turner

Joel is a social media guru and web developer with a background in graphic design and a thirst for outdoor adventures. Joel also brings his story of the effortless weight loss and boundless energy he enjoyed when he discovered a vegan diet. See Joel’s posts.

New York

Roland Regos

Roland Regos

Roland is a multi-faceted, jack-of-all trades, but a master of none kind of guy. He’s the co-founder of KALE U’s NYC chapter; a performing drummer and percussionist, a passionate advocate for social and environmental justice, an educator, and an organic food junkie. You can usually tell Roland is around by either the sounds of his drum or by the satiating aroma of his culinary prowess. See Roland’s posts.

Christina Gdisis

Christina Gdisis

Christina has a background in community organizing and is a staunch advocate for animal rights. She works in non profit organizations that strive to bring greater awareness on social injustices and build strong support systems through programs and policies. Christina is a mixed media artist and proud vegan. Her ultimate goal is to create a world that is more compassionate and more nutritious, through policies/campaigns that focus on animal welfare and plant based diets. See Christina’s posts.